There’s more than one kind of rental agreement. It’s easy to track large pieces of equipment with Abio – create timesheets, bill timesheets, collect a week’s worth of rent. But what if what you’re renting is more nebulous than a bobcat or a truck? What if it’s a building’s worth of scaffolding parts? Dozens or even hundreds of tubes, couplers, and boards? That’s going to be a bit challenging to pull out of inventory. With the standard equipment timesheet rental, you’d have to be counting each kind of equipment unit that makes up the set of scaffolding.

Instead, Abio is introducing a more generic kind of rental agreement. These rental agreements record a description, an amount, and key dates such as

  • start date,
  • last billing,
  • next billing,
  • when to convert the rental to a long term rental, and
  • when the rental was returned (at this point it becomes inactive)

If the job has a purchase order assigned, record it here.


Then, select one of your staff to administer the rental agreement. They’re the ones that will receive alerts when it’s time to invoice for the next period, or when it’s time to convert the rental agreement to a long term rental.

rental agreement

Supporting Documents

Have a complete idea about your rental by uploading the supporting documentation. Invoices posted to this job’s area can include this documentation in their billing package.

electronic rental agreement


Administrators can request alerts when the agreements they’re responsible are up for renewal. A quick glance shows how many hours and dollars have been billed to those agreements.

rental agreement report

When you renew the agreement, reset the dates to reflect the renewal. Then don’t worry. Abio will let you know when it’s time to touch base again.