Time and Materials Billings

A key factor in running a profitable construction business is minimizing revenue leaks. With Abio’s construction billing software you can include all job-related expenses on client invoices. Each component is marked with its daysheet. Reports show you which timesheets, invoices, and pieces of equipment haven’t been billed.

Set Up Billing Rates

Abio also allows you to override rates for individual employees, or set up some occupations to be billed as different occupations. For example, in some situations, it may be appropriate to pay someone as an apprentice and bill that same employee at journeyman rates.

You can use cost-plus markups, add a percentage markup, or you can set rates by occupation or employee.

Living out, meals, taxi, turnaround, and cost plus markups can also be setup as part of the Time and Materials rates.

Create Time & Materials Billing on the Job Site

Produce Time & Materials Billings when and where you need them. Send your client their own copy of the signed day sheet. Then have your client sign off that very day.

Or on the Desktop

Have your office staff generate their billing after invoices, equipment and payroll have been processed. You can email it for a signature and store the signed day sheet with the billing.

Save up a week’s worth of billings, then generate their invoice

Your email goes out with the invoice and supporting documents in a single PDF. Supporting documents can include the signed billing sheets, purchase orders, packing slips, and invoices.

Our construction invoice software will summarize the charges from the selected billings and create an invoice for your client. Supporting documents can be included when the invoice is billed.

Get Paid Sooner with our Construction Invoice Software

Abio generates statements for overdue invoices. You can create alerts to identify overdue invoices based on how late they are and how much is owing.


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