Canadian Payroll

Abio doesn’t require third party payroll services, eliminating the need for exporting labour hours. 

With outsourced payroll, errors in the way hours are posted have to be corrected in the General Ledger. With Abio’s built-in Canadian payroll calculator, errors are correct within the payroll subsystem for a clear, clean solution.

Full Union Payroll

We have many features for dealing with unions. Set up union benefits when you first sign your collective agreement.  From then on, Abio will tabulate your remittances and generate an invoice payable to your union each time you run payroll.  You can also record your wage schedule and employee premiums.  We also allow employees to work for more than one union on the same pay cheque.

Wage Premiums

Set up employees to receive wage premiums when they do highly skilled work, such as welding stainless steel. Or, assign an individual a first-aid, or shop steward premium, that is applied to all their hours.

What Kinds of Earnings Does Abio Track?

In addition to regular, time and a half and overtime earnings, we also track:

  • travel
  • vacation
  • statutory holiday pay
  • Living Out Allowance
  • mileage
  • site allowance
  • turn around
  • meals
  • taxi and bus
  • retro
  • vehicle allowance
  • payment in lieu
  • other taxable


How About Incentives and Bonuses?

We allow you to setup custom amounts for:

  • personal safety
  • group safety
  • other safety
  • tools
  • retention
  • production bonus
  • miscellaneous incentives


Payroll and Accounts Payable Work Together

    Employee Purchases

    Manage employee purchases in a measured way. Post invoices to an employee to cover items you’ve bought for them, and abio will repay those invoices when that employee is paid. You can choose to recover the purchase incrementally. In this case, Abio will carry over the employee’s outstanding balance.

    Family Support

    If one of your employees has a court-ordered garnishment, you can handle it as an employee purchase. Setup a vendor for the government agency responsible for the garnishment, and invoices for the amounts, and Abio will take care of the rest.

    CRA Reporting

    Income tax, Employment Insurance, and Canada Pension Plan owed amounts are automatically directed to their own general ledger accounts.  Simply remit the amount accumulated in each account to satisfy the Canada Revenue Agenecy.


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