Heavy Equipment Management

Abio tracks owned and rented equipment from job to job, and gives you a variety of ways to bill equipment.

Track Your Equipment

Construction projects often require heavy equipment such as excavators, bobcats, and trucks. This kind of equipment represents a significant job cost overhead.  Let Abio’s equipment management software look after your equipment.


Bill Small Jobs With Daily Timesheets

Timesheets for smaller equipment and expensive tools can be another revenue stream and allow you to pass costs on to your clients.

Set up hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly timesheets.  Different rate groups can be set up for different clients.

With Abio’s web-based app, you can have clients sign off on equipment timesheets right on the job site.


Bill Large Jobs Based on Transfers

Abio also provides a method to bill equipment based on it’s availability on a job site.  This streamlines project management for large, complex jobs.


Create Alerts for Important Dates

Record inspection, insurance and license renewal dates. Then, set an alert. When you sign on to Abio, you’ll see a report of any upcoming renewals.


Record Depreciation

Set up depreciation classes to control how much equipment depreciates each month or year. Then, assign depreciation classes to equipment units.

When you run the depreciation utility, depreciation amounts are posted to the general ledger.  The depreciation amounts are also recorded with each unit of equipment.


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