Forecasting construction revenue lets you react quickly.

Costs are Tracked in Real Time

With Abio’s job costing, you always know exactly how much you’ve spent on each of a job’s cost centres.  This knowledge, together with the progress you’ve made to date, allows Abio to continually forecast how close you are to your budget for each of your cost centres.

In the early stages of a job, Abio weights the amount you budget for each centre more heavily than the actual costs. Later, as you record more progress, it weights the forecast more on the actual costs recorded for each centre.  Our construction forecasting software helps keep you on time and on budget


Record Progress with Web-based App

Abio’s web-based app allows you to record and adjust progress measurements right on the job site.  If the job you are working on has budgets recorded for its cost centres, you’ll have the option to record your progress as of a given date.  There’s no need to send in paper reports that need to be transcribed into the system.



Snapshot Technology

For an accurate forecast, use our snapshot technology.  This feature allows you to save a record of the exact costs for each of a job’s centres on the date you record your progress.  Applying the progress against this static record means that ongoing financial activity, such as payroll and purchasing, isn’t muddying the waters for your forecast.

Abio gives you finely tuned control over the snapshot.  Authorized users can adjust what newly received expenses to include in the forecast.  Say that you’ve recorded progress, but you receive a late invoice for materials that you’ve already used.  You can select to incorporate that invoice in the forecast for the most recent snapshot.

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