Human Resources

Track all pertinent information on the people who move in and out of your family of companies in one place.

Know Where Your Humans Are

Information on employees, past and preset, are stored in one place. You can flag problem employees and you’ll be reminded if you try to rehire them.

Diary events track hiring, firing, promotions and grievances.

Special Qualifications

Record the qualifications you pay a premium for. Stainless steel welding, first aid, fall arrest, etc. You can set these up so qualified workers receive additional wage premiums. This can be done on an ongoing basis, such as first aid workers or shop stewards. Or, it can be done in special cases, such as when welders are working with difficult materials like stainless steel.


Temporary Foreign Workers

Abio tracks details such as country of origin, passports, visas, recruiters and immigration clients. You can also track work permit details such as Labour Market Opinion and extension dates on health care and social insurance numbers.

Red Seal Certifications

As craft workers progress through their programs, keep track of their Red Seal levels.

Alert when certifications are expiring

Set up reporting alerts to identify when your safety officers need retraining or when other certifications are expiring.

Retention Bonuses

Offer retention bonuses to keep your crews on the job site. These are set up job by job, and are manually released when appropriate. 


Record the recruiting agency on the employees they provide, and the percentage they take, and Abio will remit payments to the agency for 12 months.

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