Job Costing

Payroll, invoicing, and billing are common accounting tasks. What separates Abio from traditional accounting systems is job costing.

Know Exactly What Your Job Costs Are

By assigning expenses and costs to cost centres, we give you the ability to tightly control the financial aspects for each of your construction projects. Because payroll, payables, billing and equipment are fully integrated with the job costing system, Abio always knows exactly how much time and money you’ve spent on each cost centre.


Setting Up Jobs is Streamlined

Job costing is based on jobs, which can be organized into one or more areas.  Each area has cost centres for each type of cost you want to track.

Standard ‘job types’ are groups of centres you typically use for your jobs.  Simply select a job type to create all the cost centres for your new job.

Then, import the budgets from your estimating software with our budget transfer utility. 


Payroll is Complicated

Do you want to know what the labour portion of your job cost you?  Minus the living out expenses and unplanned overtime?  Abio allows you to set up rules to disperse those kinds of costs to their own cost centres, giving you a clear understanding of labour costs.

You can also set up GST recovery rules for living out expenses.  Simply report the amount accumulated in the GST recovery account to maximize your GST rebate.

Plus, payroll is tied to purchasing.  So, you can easily manage employee purchases, RRSP and charitable contributions, and family support orders.


Move Costs Between Jobs (and Companies)

 You can choose to record your actual costs in one job (a ‘shadow’ job) and show your client their costs at time and material rates.

You can also run several different companies, isolating labour or equipment rentals from the company that is actually running the job.  Abio automates billing from one job to another or from one company to another.

 Our extensive cross-company reporting gives you a clear financial view of all the companies you operate.

Get Detailed Cost Breakdowns

 Abio provides sophisticated job cost reporting, including:

Consolidated Costs

Consolidated cost reports aggregate the budget forecasts for areas and centres, giving a measure of how close to your budget you are, both in time and money.

Revenue Margins

Our Job Revenue Analysis report maps costs to revenue groups.  Selectively filter out intercompany invoicing for an accurate measurement of your profit margin.

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