Remote Computing

Abio offers web and mobile tools, plus a cloud-based desktop app.

Deployed to Secure Azure Cloud

Abio’s desktop app is deployed to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and delivered via RDS (Remote Desktop Services).  This ensures a reliable, fast, and secure environment.



Nightly and Incremental Backups

Database backups are taken nightly, with incremental backups throughout the day.

Set Up New Jobs on Site

If your company works on a few large jobs at a time, you’ll likely set those up in a careful, controlled way on Abio’s desktop app.

If you frequently start new work, perhaps of a limited nature, it’s simpler if your field superintendents can start new jobs on the fly. Abio’s mobile app for construction management lets them record new work and post timesheets and costs to it right in the field.

Hire New Recruits

Job sites are busy places, and construction is an especially dynamic industry. If you find yourself hiring people off the street, Abio lets you record their contact information from the web app. This allows you to record their timesheets without waiting for approval from head office.

It’s still incumbent on your human resources and/or payroll department to vet the new employee before they can be paid. But, when they do approve them, their hours are already entered and ready to be posted to a pay cheque.

Assign Crew to Jobs

Setting up crew assignments is simple and intuitive with Abio’s web app. Once crew’s are defined, crew members will see their assignments on their mobile apps.

As well, setting up jobs and crews helps organize the other kinds of expenses you are able to post on the web app, such as materials and equipment.

Crew Can Input Hours on Their Phone

Your crew can see their daily assignments and easily clock in and out of each job. Or, if they forget, they can simply enter how many hours they spent on each job site.

Their hours will display on Abio’s web app and can be converted to timesheets.

Record Equipment Use

Keep track of the heavy equipment working on your job site. Project managers can select which set of equipment rates to use for each job, When you create a timesheet for your equipment the cost will be calculated automatically for you.

Purchase Materials and Upload Receipts

If you’re working on a large job, the purchasing department may have sourced your materials for you. Any purchase orders that have been issued for your job will display on your web app. Simply record the quantity of material you’ve redeemed from the purchase order, and Abio will create your invoice.

Provide additional information by uploading an electronic receipt. This can either be the receipt the store emailed you, or a photo you’ve taken of the receipt and stored on your laptop.

Get Client Signoff

Project managers select which labour and equipment rates each job is subject to, and what markup will be charged on materials. Because Abio has access to these rates, it is able to produce a comprehensive daysheet that itemizes all of your client’s costs for the day’s work.

When you meet with your client you can show him today’s costs. If you agree, you can both sign the daysheet electronically. Then, email him or her their own copy of the signed daysheet.

This signed daysheet is immediately available to your Accounts Receivable department. At the end of the week, they can select the daysheets you’ve uploaded. Each invoice package will include not only the signed daysheets, but any invoices or purchase orders you’ve added to Abio.

Record Job Progress

Support accurate budget forecasting by logging how much progress your crew has made on each cost centre.

Budget forecasting looks at how much progress you’ve made, how many costs have been posted to each cost centre, and what you have budgeted for that cost centre. Depending on how far along you are in your progress, the forecast will be weighted either towards your original budget, at the start of work, or to your actual cost, as work nears completion.

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