Purchasing materials for a large job can be a daunting task. Abio’s purchase order software lets you request quotes from your preferred vendors to easily source your materials.

Requisition Your Take-Off List

You need materials for your job and you want the best price. Maybe you’re starting with a construction takeoff list from your engineer. You can import a takeoff list from a spreadsheet into a requisition in Abio and get several quotes.

Select Vendors

Each vendor can be tied to one or more types of materials, making it easy to select the most appropriate candidates.

Send each vendor a nicely formatted report, and a spreadsheet for their convenience.  Customizable email cover letters let you format your email exactly as you want, with fields from the requisition itself.

Convert Requisitions into Purchase Orders

Vendors can fill in a spreadsheet and return it to you. Select which vendor you’d like to work with, and import their spreadsheet into a purchase order.

Email the purchase order to the selected vendor.
Your email goes out with a PDF of the purchase order, and a PDF of your custom terms and conditions.

Redeem Purchase Orders in the Field

View and draw on purchase orders issued for your job using Abio’s desktop.

Field supervisors can see all the open purchase orders for their jobs on Abio’s web based tool, and redeem them.  With a few clicks, they can upload the electronic invoice they receive so that it can be included with the client’s invoice.

Receive Your Materials

When the materials you issue purchase orders for are received, record who received it, where, and what condition it was in. Purchase orders are marked as received. You can also upload your packing slips.

Release Holdback When the Job is Complete

Abio allows you to record holdback on both receivable and payable invoices. This is money that’s held in trust until the job completes, to protect any single subcontractor from bearing the cost of another contractor’s financial difficulties.

A utility is provided to generate the invoices that release the holdback for a job.

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