Quote Preparation

When a client says “we have some work, could you give us a price?” use our construction quotation software to assemble a detailed, professional quote.

Detailed Job Costing Provides a Foundation

Abio’s sophisticated job costing separates hours from costs and overhead from labour.  Review similar jobs to understand how much work is required.

Checklists and Worksheets Simplify Quotes

What non-monetary items do estimates include? And what do you expect the client to be responsible for? Create any number of custom checklists for your staff to select from when they create their quote.

Checklists are fully customizable.  There will be no confusion when you have on record exactly what you intend to take responsibility for. Create different checklists for different kinds of work.

Quote worksheets calculate the cost of doing the work. They list the tasks and rates for the kind of work you’re bidding on. Set up different worksheets for each kind of work you do. Your quote consists of a checklist and one or more worksheets.

Professionally Formatted Reports

Create a quote in MS word, and then convert it into a template for future estimates. Using our list of keywords, you can create bookmarks to tell Abio where to report each part of a quote. Bookmarks identify where checklists, tables of quote items, and details of the job should display within the template. Finish by including the contact information for the field supervisor that compiled the quote.

Customizable email cover letters let you format your email exactly as you want, with fields from the quote itself. 

Streamlined Job Setup

If your bid is accepted, Abio will use it to set up a job to post costs and revenue to. Set up your quote templates with your actual hourly costs,

Simply click ‘Create Job’ and Abio generates a job with the centres and budgets from your quote.  There’s no duplication of effort when setting up your new job.

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