The larger you become, the more you need secure construction software to protect against fraud. Abio deploys tight user security and full auditing to protect your finances.

Limit Which Companies Employees See

You can run a multitude of affiliated companies under Abio.  But, not all employees need to see all companies.  Assign employees to which companies they are allowed to work on.


Control Access to Sensitive Records

Perhaps the remuneration senior executives receive isn’t something you want junior employees to have access to. You can flag which employees, jobs, and accounts are sensitive, Then, you can set which employees can manage sensitive records..


Tightly Control Subsytems

Abio lets you assign roles to each user, defining which screens and which reports they can access, and what they actions they can take.

You may want to set up one group of employees to manage timesheet entry, and a different group to determine which salary each employee receives. This eliminates the risk that an insider funnels extra pay to a friend.


Track All Changes With Audit Records

Abio logs every change made to the system. Event logs support you when you’re being audited, and they also let you track problems to their source.


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