If you’re managing a crew, you’re probably used to collecting their hours and submitting them to the payroll department. In the previous lesson we showed you how you can submit your crew’s hours, plus other expenses, using our web app.

Now we’ll show you how your crew can record their hours on their phone, using Abio’s mobile app. You’ll see the hours they submit and you’ll be able to seed them to the timesheets you submit to payroll. Invariably, people will forget to clock in and out of jobs, so there’s a mechanism for them to override the hours they punch in. You’ll also be able to override their hours. So it’s really just a convenient starting point for collecting payroll hours.

Abio for Mobile

Typically people load new phone apps from Google Play or iTunes. Because our mobile app connects directly to our enterprise database, we’re going to play our cards a little closer. Abio for Mobile is distributed as a package directly to our clients.

If you are viewing this from an android cell phone, you can download the package here:

abio for mobile demo

Simply follow the instructions to load the app on your phone.

Mobile Sign On

Your crew will sign on to Abio for Mobile with their email address and a password you set up for them. You can do that on the Employees tab of the Abio for Web app.

Crew Assignments

Remember setting up crews on Abio’s web app? Those crew assignments gave you a starting point for recording hours and expenses. They’re going to serve the same purpose for Abio’s mobile app.

Punching the Clock

So your crew have their mobile app set up, and you’ve given them their job assignments. What are they seeing? First, they’ll sign on with the email and user id you gave them.

Next, they’ll see their assignments.

Click on any ‘start’ arrow to punch in. A green clock will start running.

Or, click the three dots to manually enter your time.

A window will display to let you enter your hours.

Now you just need to click on save.

Once you’ve overridden your time, you’ll no longer be able to run the clock on that job. You can remove the override if you would like to use the clock timer instead.

If you need to refresh your job assignments, the refresh symbol in the top right corner will connect to the database and get you a fresh copy.

We’ve added this employee to our new Sample Project job.

Every five minutes, the hours being clocked are updated to the Abio web app, where you can choose to seed them to payroll timesheets.