You may want to include one set of centres for a particular type of job, and a different set of centres for a different kind of job. If your jobs fall into a few distinct categories, you can create sets of centres organized by job type.

When you add a new job, the job type will be set to the default job type.

You can select from any of the job types that have been set up.

When you click <Apply> Abio will add the job, and also add the area and centres defined by the job type.

Once the job is added, you can view the set of centres created by reviewing the job’s default area.

[e] Job Costing | [d] Area Entry

Adjust the area’s centres by clicking on the ‘Add and Remove Centres’ tab.

[e] Job Costing | [d] Area Entry

Use the ‘C’hange action to enable the drag and drop lists. You can select and deselect the centres you wish to include in this area.

The right hand lists initially displays the complete list of standard centres. You can narrow the list by filtering on job type.

Abio will display the cost centres included by the job type you select.

Click <Apply> when you’ve finished selecting the centres for the area.