If you anticipate a unit of equipment is going to be used on the same job for an extended period of time, you can use our utility to generate bulk timesheets for that equipment at that job.

To generate bulk timesheets, navigate to [g] Equipment, then [f] Bulk Equipment Timesheet Entry.

The bulk update utility will walk you through three types of update.

The ‘Add’ utility let’s you create timesheets based on a timesheet you’ve entered through the Timesheet Entry screen.

For instance, we added a timesheet for an Air Compressor for one day at the Sidney Space Centre.

We know it will be there all week, so we’ll use the bulk update to create the next four timesheets. In

You can create all five timesheets that are suggested, or remove any that aren’t needed.

If you want to go back and change those timesheets, Select ‘Change’.

Enter the selection parameters for the timesheets you wish to change, and the values to update.

You can remove some changes from the list.

Likewise you can delete a range of timesheets.

Enter the criteria for timesheets to delete.

You can delete all the timesheets in the range, or you can remove selected timesheets from the list.