The last task for invoicing your clients is to email the invoice. You may have noticed that the Details tab for the invoice includes an email cover letter:

Clicking on the ’email cover letter’ hyperlink will take you to the Invoice Attachments entry screen. You can also navigate there via the navigation pane. Select [b] Receivables, then [u] Set Up, then [m] Invoice Attachments Entry:

Email cover letters are attachment type ‘E’:

The buttons along the bottom of the screen allow you to add fields from the current invoice. To email the invoice, start by selecting the Print action from the Details tab and click the Apply button. You can also bring up the Print window with the shortcut <ctrl> P:

When the Print Preview window is displayed, select the Email option below the print button:

When an invoice references the above attachment, the email looks like this:

The client’s name, the invoice number, and your name have been substituted into the email template.

When your client receives the email, it will have your logo and a coloured bar along the top, and the invoice will be a PDF attachment:

You can specify what logo file to use, and what colour the bar is, in the Company Entry. To do this, navigate to the Company Entry screen by selecting [d] General Ledger, then [u] Set Up, then [a] Company Entry:

The highlighted fields are used to format the email:

GoldenRod is a named HTML colour. You can select any colour from these HTML color names: