Abio’s Gross Profit Margin report provides an overview of profit margins, reported by region. This report looks at all cost and revenue activities for the current period and the year to date. To view the report, navigate to [d] General Ledger, then [i] Transaction Reports, then [e] Gross Profit Margin by Region.

Report Criteria

You will be prompted for the G/L period you wish to review:

Report Layout

The report shows revenue and profit for the year to date and for the current period.

Identifying Cost and Revenue Accounts

The statement groups that general ledger accounts are recorded under are coded as revenue or costs when setting up the EBITDA report. If the first two letters of a G/L account matches a statement group that is coded as revenue, the Gross Margin report includes amounts posted to that G/L account as revenue. Likewise, if the statement group is coded as a cost, the Gross Margin report includes those amounts as costs. All other amounts are ignored.