The Job Costs and Revenue report presents an unfiltered view of costs and revenue for each job. While the Job Revenue Analysis report allowed you to take a deep dive into a job’s profitability, this report displays all costs and revenue for each job for selected range of G/L periods, broken down by type. Some jobs may have incurred costs in earlier periods and are generating revenue in the current period, and vice-versa. This report shows the cash flow during one or more G/L periods.

Report Criteria

This report can be selected by job, G/L period, and region. If you only want to see current jobs, select file type ‘C’. If you want to see all jobs, select ‘CH’. You can also look just at jobs on history by selecting file type ‘H’.

Report Layout

Costs for the reporting period (payroll and A/P invoices, plus journal entries posted to job cost accounts) are displayed on the left hand side.

Revenue for the reporting period (A/R invoices plus journal entries posted to job costing revenue accounts) are displayed on the right hand side.

The rightmost column shows net profit, the revenue less the costs.

Report Drill Downs

This report drills down to the an appropriate report to show the components that make up each column.

Job Drill Down

Clicking on a row brings up the job entry screen for that row.

The Financial Tab has fields for the lifetime revenue and costs to date.

Drilling down on the ‘to date costs’ gives a complete accounting of the invoices and labour posted to this job.

Likewise, clicking on the ‘to date revenue’ gives a complete list of A/R invoices posted for this job.

Hours and Labour Costs Drill Down

Clicking on hours or labour costs brings up a report showing all timesheet dispersions posted to the job for the selected period.

Materials and Equipment Costs Drill Down

The drill down for these two columns bring up a list of A/P invoices posted to either materials or equipment, depending on which column you click on.

Revenue Labour, Materials, or Equipment Column Drill Down

This columns bring up A/R invoices for the cost type. If the drill down reports don’t match what’s displayed on the Job Costs and Revenue report, it’s because journal entries have affected the totals.