To view job reports, navigate to [e] Job Costing, then [b] Job Reports.

Job List

This report shows selected job memoranda in job order.

Selection Criteria
  • by file type ‘C’urrent, ‘H’istoric or both
  • job number – specific to job number or range of job numbers entered
  • active jobs? – ‘Y’es – only list active jobs, ‘N’o – only list inactive jobs, ‘A’ll – list all jobs
  • fixed price? – ‘Y’es – only list fixed-price jobs, ‘N’o – only list non-fixed-price jobs, ‘A’ll – list all jobs
  • admin fee? – ‘Y’es – only list jobs with an admin fee, ‘N’o – only list jobs without an admin fee, ‘A’ll – list all jobs