Simplify job creation by setting up groups of centres to use for different job types. To manage job types navigate to [e] Job Costing, then [u] Set Up, then [b] Job Type.

A list of current job types is displayed.

Job Type Details

Click on the Details to add or update a job type.

If you click on the action field, Abio displays a list of actions.

Job Type Actions


This action lets you view, but not change, a job type.


Add a new job type.


Make changes to the currently selected job type.


Delete the currently selected job type.


Print, email, or export the current job type to an excel spreadsheet.


Change the job type on this record and all jobs that reference this job type.

Job Type Entry Fields

Job Type

This field uniquely identifies the job type.


Displayed in the dropdown window on the Job Entry screen


Create this area for new jobs.

Area Description

Use this description for the new area.


Default new jobs to use this job type.


New jobs can only select active job types.

Job-Centre Mapping

Click on the Job-Centre tab to select which centres you’ll include for the current job type.

Select the Change action, then choose which centres to include for the current job type. You can hold down the <ctrl> key and click centres in the right hand list to select multiple centres at a time.

Click the select button to add the selected centres to the job type. Use the >> button at the top right of the screen to display details about the selected centres. It switches to << when you do this. Clicking it again displays the right hand list.

Abio uses the information you provide in the check boxes when it generates invoices for day sheets. Only one centre can be assigned to post each type of revenue to. When invoices are being created for a set of daysheets, all the equipment revenue is grouped together and posted to the centre that has the ‘E’ posting type selected. Likewise for labour, materials, and subcontract expenses.

The centre you select for posting expenses will be used as a default when invoices are recorded on the web app. People working in the field don’t necessarily have knowledge of cost centres, so Abio uses this centre to simplify the process of recording their purchase. You can reassign materials purchased in the field to appropriate centres from the desktop app.