Did somebody bring a buddy to work? If you want to hire them on the spot, you’ll need an employee id to post their timesheets to. Record their particulars on this screen to add them to the system.

Add a New Employee

Click on the Employees tab to add a new employee.

Provide as much information as you can, it will really help office staff get this employee on payroll as quickly as possible. The fields with ‘*’ next to them are required. If you don’t provide them you won’t be able to save the record.

Abio will confirm when the employee is successfully added.

New recruits added in this way will still have to be processed by the payroll office staff. To that end, an email is generated when they are added.

Payroll staff will complete the hiring process for the employee in the office. In the meantime, you will be able to record your new recruit’s hours so that when they have been fully employed by the company, they can be paid for their work today.

While the employee record is still displayed, you can change any fields that might be in error.

Once you clear the entry or add a new employee, you will only be able to update the note field or the email and password. Maintaining employee information is primarily the responsibility of head office staff.

Update Email

If your crew want to use the Abio phone app to clock in and out, they’ll use their email and the password you’ve set up for them in Abio to sign on. You can add or change their email and password here. Click on the ‘Update email’ radio button and select the employee whose email you want to change.

Enter the email and password.

When Abio detects that you’ve made a change, the ‘submit’ button displays.

Click the ‘submit’ button to save your changes.