Anyone who’s interacted with Abio is recorded as a person. They may have been employed in any number of companies, any number of times. Or, they may have only been recruited but never employed. Throughout their employment history, their person record tracks their vital stats, qualifications, and a diary of important events.

To add or change person records, navigate to [f] Human Resources, then [a] Person Entry.

Abio displays a list of all people associated with the company. While the ‘active?’ flag is populated with a Y, it hasn’t been applied yet. If you click on the <Filter> list, the screen will display only people who are actively employed. You can narrow it down further by specifying which company you’re interested in.

Person Details

Click on the Details tab to add or change a person record.

If you click on the action field, Abio displays a list of actions for this screen.

Person Actions


The inquire actions lets you view, but not change, a person record.


Add a new person. People must be in the system with a person record before they can be hired into a set of books.


Make changes to the current person.


Delete a person that is not referenced by any jobs.


Print, email, or export the current person to an excel spreadsheet.

Unaudited Change

Change the social insurance or GST number. Typically these fields are populated when an employee is hired.

Person Fields

Unique Identifiers


The employee number is a unique identifier for this person.


Social insurance number. Regular employees require a social insurance number on record before they can be paid.


GST registration number. This field is used when a subcontractor is being paid through accounts payable.

Usual Name

Record the name the employee normally goes by.

Legal Name

Record the employee’s legal name here. It will be used on their T4.


Record their current residence here.

Mailing Address

People may use a different mailing address than their current residence. Record it here.

Personal Information

Emergency Contact

Safety Points