You add to your inventory by purchasing new units. If you’ve negotiated a price with a vendor, you can create a purchase order assigned to the SKU you are purchasing.

[a] Payables | [e] P/O Entry

In this example, we’re issuing a purchase order to buy 20 jackets.

When we invoice this purchase order, the jackets will be added to the inventory.

[a] Payables | [i] Invoice Entry

The invoice that is created for that purchase order is also posted to that inventory item:

[a] Payables | [i] Invoice Entry

When you post an invoice to inventory, a transfer into inventory is recorded for that SKU. The hotlink on the SKU label takes you to this record.

[i] Inventory | [b] Transfer In

As this inventory is drawn down, the draws will be recorded in the lower half of the screen.