Material expenses are generated from invoices. While most of the purchasing process takes place on the desktop, you can also enter invoices for material you’ve purchased, or purchase orders you’ve redeemed, that day. If there are outstanding purchase orders, they’ll be listed on the top part of the screen:

Enter how many items you’ve purchased, and an invoice will be generated based on the purchase order:

You can also enter invoices manually in the invoice section on the lower part of the screen.

If you want to document the purchase for your client, you can upload the document by clicking on the upload icon:

If the store you purchased the material at sent you a PDF of your receipt, just upload it. Otherwise, you can take a picture with your phone and upload the picture.

When you’ve uploaded an image, the ‘view’ hyperlink is displayed:

Click on it to review the uploaded document. You’ll see the document in the list on the next screen. Pictures will display below the list, but PDFs need to be viewed in the Acrobat Reader:

Receipt images will be bundled with the Daily LEMS report.

As with the documents uploaded when jobs are added, the invoices you upload on the Abio Web App are available on the desktop. You don’t need to include them with the generated invoice because they’re already included in the Daily LEMS report.