If you don’t feel an employee is suitable for your company you can mark their employee record as ‘Do Not Rehire’. This will warn other departments that you’ve had an unsatisfactory experience with this employee. To flag an employee, navigate to [f] Human Resources, then [a] Person Entry. This is your long term record of their employment history.

The list shows all the active employees.

In the previous examples we terminated Millie Jackson, so she’s not in the list of active employees. We can find her by changing the filter.

Abio will go directly to the Details tab if the list is filtered down to a single record. If not, you can click on the Details tab. We’re going to change the rehire? flag to ‘N’ and record the reason in the memo field.

The next time someone tries to rehire Millie, they’ll be reminded not to hire her.

And the note you recorded will display.