How do you keep track of what’s been billed and what hasn’t?  And how do you know what rates to bill people out at? 

Set up your Time and Material billing rates, your materials markup, and your equipment rates.  Abio will collect the expenses associated with a job for a given period of time, apply the markups, and collect them into Day Sheets.  Day Sheets can be generated right on the job site and shared with clients the same day.  Get your client to review and sign the Day Sheet, and it’s immediately available for head office to invoice. 

Or, if you’re not using our web app, the same functionality is available on the desktop.  The only difference will be in the way you get your client’s signoff.  You’ll have to email the Day Sheet and upload the signed copy.  If your field supervisor has written up a paper copy and the client has signed that, you can scan and upload the paper document.

Select any number of Day Sheets to invoice, and Abio will collect all the supporting documentation associated with items on the Day Sheet and package the documentation, the Day Sheets, and the invoice into a convenient PDF for your client.