In the renewals box on the Equipment Entry screen you can record when the equipment next needs attention. Enter dates for inspections, insurance, and license renewals.

[g] Equipment | [a] Equipment Entry
Equipment Renewals Report

Navigate to [g] Equipment, then [b] Equipment Reports, then [g] Equipment Renewals.

The Equipment Renewals allows you to select criteria.

[g] Equipment | [b] Equipment Reports | [g] Equipment Renewals

The default parameters for this report will select the following units of equipment:

  • inspection, insurance or license renewal in the next 60 days
  • all statuses (used, not used, standby)
  • both active and inactive equipment
  • it will include equipment that is overdue for one of the renewals
  • both insured and not insured
  • if the equipment is posted to a job, you can specify the job’s region

When you run the report, you’ll see the Air Breaker we’ve been using as an example requires an inspection.

[g] Equipment | [b] Equipment Reports | [g] Equipment Renewals
Report Alerts

Some reports allow you to request an alert. That means you can select the criteria you’d like the report to check. You can also say how many rows the report should produce before you should be alerted.

[g] Equipment | [b] Equipment Reports | [g] Equipment Renewals

If you request an alert on this table, it will be recorded with your user id. Each time you sign on, Abio will run the report query. If it meets the number of rows you specified, Abio will show the report.

Alert displaying at sign on

You can remove an alert by clicking on the ‘manage alerts’ hotlink. You can also navigate there by selecting [i] Administration, then [k] User Alert Entry.

[i] Administration | [k] User Alert Entry

If you no longer wish to be alerted, delete the entry.

Recording Renewals

The above report shows the air breaker requires inspecting. When the inspection is complete, record the renewal date and the next inspection date on the equipment entry. This will exclude the air breaker from the report, until the next inspection date rolls around.

[g] Equipment | [a] Equipment Entry