Every entity in Abio has an entry screen and a set of reports. The reports are always the letter after the entry screen:

You first select the criteria for the report:

And when you click ‘OK’ the report is displayed with the selection criteria displayed below the title:

A blue highlight identifies the current row. You can learn more about that row, in this case a payroll cheque, by double-clicking on the row. The cheque entry window will open for that cheque:

Back on the report, you can toggle between

  • Detail view shows the breakdown on a cheque by cheque basis
  • Detail (expanded) wraps long descriptions onto more than one line
  • Summary shows only the subtotals by employee

You can display the report in mixed case or all capitals:

You can search for strings in the detail lines:

In addition to being able to print the report, you can export the summary or the detailed version of the report to Excel, often with additional columns that don’t fit into the original report:

The Excel spreadsheet is formatted with subtotals and filters:

You can also email a PDF of the report:

Individual reports will be explained in greater detail in their respective lessons.