We’ve shown you how Abio limits access to screens, actions, and reports by creating roles and assigning them to users.

There remains the possibility that employees with permission to change records in Abio make undesired changes. You can identify what changes were made to a record, and who made the change, by reviewing the event log.

The easiest way to review the event log is to click on the ‘added by’ label at the bottom of every entry screen. In the previous lesson we added a new user and made several changes. Let’s review the event log for those changes.

Clicking on the ‘added 2020.05.08 by PETERSMO’ brings up the event log for this record.

Report generated when ‘added’ label clicked on

The event log shows the user that made the changes and when the changes were made. The DELTA column shows the before and after values of each field that was changed.

You can also create this report by running it directly. Navigate to [h] Shared Reports, then [b] Event Log Report.

[h] Shared Reports | [b] Event Log Report

Enter the criteria for the events you’d like to review. Perhaps you’re tracking down all Z actions. Enter that in the action field. You’ll want to expand the date range to the period you’re interested in.

You can also enter a partial string in the DELTA field, to find a change either from that string or to that string, or for a field with that name.