You can invoice a client, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be paid promptly. Send statements to remind clients they have outstanding amounts.

When you set up a client, you indicate whether they’ll receive statements or not. To review how a client is set up, navigate to [b] Receivables, then [a] Client Entry.

If the ‘statements?’ field is ‘Y’, then statements will be produced for this client.

To produce client statements, navigate to [b] Receivables, then [l] Client Statements.

Criteria for Producing Statements

Specify which clients you want to send statements to, and the date range of invoices to include. Additional parameters support mass emailing.

  • display company banner? – If you’re printing on letterhead, select ‘N’. If you plan to email these statements, select ‘Y’. Abio will use the banner you’ve specified in your company settings.
  • group by client? – You may have more than one email for a client. If you want all contacts at a client to receive the statement for all invoices, select ‘Y’. Alternatively, the default behaviour is that invoices will be sent to the department they were invoiced to.
  • clients with emails? – If not all clients have emails, you can select only clients with emails, then use the email feature to send separate emails. Then, in a second run, select clients without emails. Those statements can be printed on letterhead and sent in regular mail.

The report prints each client’s outstanding invoice amounts on a new page.

You can either print the statements, or select the email option.

Email Cover Letter

Abio will create a personalized email for each client statement.

To adjust the email Abio sends navigate to [b] Receivables, then [u] Set Up, then [n] Statement Attachment Entry:

The list is displayed:

Click on Details to add or change your default email.

This is a rich text control, which means you can change the font and colours used in the email. You can also merge elements from the statement into the email to personalize it.

Emailing Statements

When you select the email option, Abio will prompt if you want to send emails. This is because it is about to send out separate emails to each of your clients.

When you select ‘Yes’, Abio displays a status window showing the emails as they are sent out.

When clients receive the email, it will be addressed to them personally, with the wording you selected in your email cover letter:

and the PDF attachment contains their statement, with the banner specified for your company.