Abio will take your daysheets and generate an Accounts Receivable invoice from them. Because daysheets are based on work done at jobs, Abio needs to know which centres to post the different types of reimbursables to. To start things off, you need to look at the original Job Type the job is based on. Navigate to the Job Entry screen by clicking on [e] Job Costing, then clicking on [a] Job Entry:

The Job Entry screen will display, with a list of current jobs:

Select your job and go to the Details tab. Double-clicking on the job will automatically move you to the Details tab, or you can enter the job number in the job field and hit <enter>, or you can single click on the job you want to look at and then click on the Details tab. The job type is recorded under the ‘management’ section:

Clicking on the label will bring you to the Job Type entry screen. Alternatively, you can navigate there via the navigation pane. Select [e] Job Costing, then ‘u’ Set Up, then [b] Job Type Entry:

Job Type Menu Item

On the Details tab you can setup job type as a default. This means that whenever you create a new job, either on the desk top or with the web tool, Abio will assume it’s this type of job and create the corresponding area and centres you define here.

The Job-Centre tab is where you’ll select which of the Standard Centres will be included in this type of job:

The right-hand side of the screen shows all the Standard Centres. You can drag and drop centres from the right hand side of the list to the left hand side of the list. Centres on the left hand side of the list will be created for these job types.

You can click the >> symbol to expand the left hand side of the screen:

When you expand the list, you will see columns where you can select which centres to use for posting Labour, Equipment, Materials and Subsistence expenses. Only centres with cost types of ‘R’, for Revenue, can be selected for posting revenue to.

If the Job Type your job is based on doesn’t have revenue centres defined, Abio won’t be able to create invoices based on daysheets selected for this job. You will be prompted to setup the correct centres.