Standard centres provide a template for creating a set of centres for a new job. They can also be grouped into ‘Standard Jobs’ to streamline job creation.

To add or change a standard centre, navigate to [e] Job Costing, then [u] Set Up, then [c] Standard Centre Entry.

Abio displays a list of Standard Centres.

Standard Centre Details

Click on the Details tab to add or update a standard centre.

Standard Centre Actions

If you click on the action field, Abio displays a list of actions.


The inquire action lets you view, but not change, a standard job record.


Add a new standard centre.


Make changes to the current standard centre.


Delete a standard centre.


Print, email, or export the current standard centre to an excel spreadsheet.


Change the standard centre on this record and any standard jobs that include it.

Standard Centre Fields

Basic Fields


Primary key for this record.


Description of centre, used as a description for new centres.


The types of postings this centre accepts. Valid types are:

  • ‘L’ – labour (craft)
  • ‘A’ – labour (administrative)
  • ‘M’ – material
  • ‘E’ – equipment (owned)
  • ‘R’ – equipment (rented)
  • ‘S’ – subcontract

Unit progress is measured in. This could be something like ‘DAYS’, ‘%’, or ‘LM’ for linear metres.

group ceiling

Group style centres give additional control over how subtotals are displayed. Enter a group ceiling to indicate the subtotals should include all centres between this centre and the group ceiling.

Revenue mapping for Centres in Parent Job

These fields will be used as defaults when a new parent job is created. A parent job is a job who’s parent is the same job.

Revenue Mapping for Centres in Offset (Shadow) Job

These fields will be used as defaults when new offset/shadow jobs are created. A shadow job is a job who’s parent job is a different job.