Progress on job cost centres are measured in the units specified on the centre. These are units that are meaningful for the type of work being done. If you are pouring concrete, you might use ‘CM’ as the unit, indicating cubic metres. Or, you could use ‘%’ for a more generic unit of measure. You can allow job cost centres to be set up with free-form units, or you can define standard units. In this case, users can select from a list of standard units when they’re setting up new job cost centres.

To set up Standard Units, navigate to [e] Job Costing, then [u] Set Up, then [e] Standard Unit Entry.

Abio displays a list of your standard units.

Standard Unit Details

Click on the Details tab to add or update a standard unit.

If you click on the action field, Abio displays a list of actions.

GST/HST Recovery Rule Actions


The inquire actions lets you view, but not change, a Standard Unit record.


Add a new Standard Unit.


Make changes to the current Standard Unit.


Delete a Standard Unit that is not referenced by any jobs.


Print, email, or export the current Standard Unit to an excel spreadsheet.

Standard Unit Fields


Primary key for this record.


Describe the standard unit.


Jobs can only reference active standard units.