Employee T4s are generated from the Print Special Forms. In the past Canada Revenue would issue the T4 forms, which is why they are ‘special’. The T4s no longer need special forms, but they’re still in with the reports that do.

Navigate to [h] Shared Reports, then [a] Print Special Forms, then [c] P/R – Employer/Employee T4s.

Select the tax year, the style, whether the text ‘amended’ should be displayed, and the range of employees to generate the T4 for.

Abio produces a printed version of the T4.

When you close the window, it generates the T4 Summary and prompts you to print the T4s.

And then prompts you to create the XML export file.

The file name is constructed from the T4 file prefix specified on the company record.

The XML file is formatted as per CRA instructions.

You can read more about uploading T4s on the CRA website.