To organize individual pieces of equipment, the first thing we do is define equipment types. These represent categories of equipment. Navigate to [g] Equipment, then [u] Set Up, then [b] Equipment Type Entry.

The list tab shows the different types defined. The ‘# of units’ column shows how many pieces of equipment are defined for each equipment type.

[g] Equipment | [u] Set Up | [b] Equipment Type Entry

On the Details tab we’ll give a name to the type of equipment.

[g] Equipment | [u] Set Up | [b] Equipment Type Entry
Timesheet Type

We’ll also set how we want time entry sheets produced for this equipment type. Time Entry Sheets are found under [g] Equipment, then [h] Equipment Timesheet Reports, then [e] Equipment Time Entry Sheets.

[g] Equipment | [h] Equipment Timesheet Reports | [e] Equipment Time Entry Sheets

Enter a timesheet type of ‘E’ to have the time entry sheet display the equipment description in this field.

A timesheet type of ‘A’ will display the assignee as specified on the Equipment Entry screen. This will give more clarity in the case of generic, commonly distributed equipment, such as trucks or laptops.

[g] Equipment | [a] Equipment Entry