Our ‘Unbilled Reimbursables’ report will show you job-related expenses that haven’t been included on a daysheet. Once reimbursable amounts are included on a daysheet, you can easily monitor which daysheets have been invoiced and which haven’t, and you can have Abio generate the invoice on your behalf.

If expenses such as payroll, labour and equipment haven’t been included on a daysheet, it’s possible that you might miss invoicing them. This is an important revenue leak that Abio would like to help you avoid!

It may be that expenses aren’t included on a daysheet because they were manually invoiced. You may be transitioning from your current billing process to Abio’s more automated daysheet process. We’ll show you a way to remove items that actually have been billed from this report so you can easily identify actual revenue leaks. If you start off with a clear record of what’s billed and what’s not billed it will be easier to recognize when costs aren’t being passed on to clients.

The Unbilled Reimbursables Report

Let’s take a look at this report. Navigate to [b] Receivables, then [f] Daysheet Reports, then [b] Unbilled Reimbursables:

The criteria for the report is a date range that defaults to the past month:

If there are any problems with the way the Time and Material rates have been setup, an error report will display first:

If this error appears for a job you’ve billed manually, you can ignore the error and use the drop down box to go directly to the main report. It’s called LEMs in the dropdown, for Labour, Equipment, Material and Subsistence. Otherwise you can add the missing rates and rerun the report.

The report itself prints each job on a separate page, and breaks out the components by Labour, Equipment, and Materials. Each reimbursable item is reported at it’s Time and Materials rates:

Ideally, we want this report to return no rows at all. Every reimbursable expense should be included on a daysheet, and that daysheet should be billed to a customer. If you see a job that should have been billed and wasn’t, create a daysheet for that date and job and invoice it.

If, however, you see items that have been manually billed, you can remove them from this report by creating a dummy daysheet. This would be a daysheet that might have a description of ‘these were manually billed please ignore them’.

The dummy daysheet can span the entire period of the job. Once this is done, and once you start using Abio’s daysheets for invoicing, the Unbilled Reimbursables report will be a valuable tool for identifying revenue leaks.

Alternately, you can select a cross-over date for moving to daysheet billing. Any items on this report after that date should be included on a daysheet and invoiced.