Previously we showed you how to create MS Word documents with bookmarks. Abio will merge the fields you select from the quote you build into the MS Word document. You can make any required changes, save the report as a PDF and send it to your client. This gives you a very customized approach to reporting.

Abio also offers you a standard printout. If you simply print out the quote, using the print action, or by using <ctrl>P.

The first page of the report looks like this. The ‘BuilDomo thanks you’ text is the selected preamble.

The conclusion rich text attachment (Customer to supply disposal...) displays after the last cost estimate component.

The checklist is on the next couple of pages.

You can send out the standard quote report. To do this, you would first print the report.

The last page is the terms and conditions.

You can select to email the report.

Then, from the print preview window, you can select email.

The email is formatted based on the letter attachment.

We’ll walk you through how to customize the preamble, the email, and the terms and conditions.

Customized Preamble

Our example shows some colourful text before it itemizes the cost estimate components.

That’s the rich text preamble we requested when we set up the quote.

Customized Email

You can customize the letter attachment. Click on the label to review the email attachment.

Customized Conclusion

You can also customize the message that displays after the last cost estimate component.

Customized Terms and Conditions

Finally, the terms and conditions that follow the quote are set up in a rich text attachment and specified here.

Rich Text Attachments

Click on the label for the rich text attachment you wish to review. When we click on the ‘letter’ label, it takes us to the email the quote is sent out with.

You can also navigate to [b] Receivables, then [u] Set Up, then [d] Quote Attachments Entry.

You can read how to change fonts, colours and the content of rich text attachments here.