Transparent Pricing for Construction Management Software

Buy as many or as few Abio cloud packages as you need, depending on your monthly business activity.


What All Accounts Include

Cloud Storage

Abio is delivered via the cloud using remote desktop.

There’s no need to maintain your own servers.


Set up what subsystems employees are allowed to access, and the actions they can take. You can restrict access to sensitive financial records within any subsystem.




Secure nightly backups. We can also provide incremental backups throughout the day, depending on the level of activity in your organization.

Web-based field app

Our web-based app enhances productivity in the field. Recruit new workers, start new jobs, upload purchase orders and invoices, record labour and equipment hours. Support forecasting by recording job progress.

Executive Dashboard

Our web-based executive dashboard gives a clear view of the overall health of the company.

Mobile Time Clock

A simple android-based time clock lets craft workers view their assignments and start and stop their time. They can also manually enter their time.

Job Costing

Job costing underlies all of Abio’s subsystems. Track your costs to their originating documents. Extensive client coding lets you provide the feedback your clients need to rationalize your costs with theirs.

Client Management

Record all your clients in Abio. You can save contact information, which branches you use, and what interactions you’ve had with them.

Vendor Management

Record the vendors you purchase materials and services from. You can save contact information and which departments you deal with. Categorize them by what they supply to help you find what you need.

Budget Forecasting

Forecast the gain/loss against your budgeted costs for each cost centre.

Collective Agreements

Set up any number of collective agreements required to support your payroll.

General Ledger

Post journal entries in the general ledger to move money between general ledger accounts. Import large journal entries from a spreadsheet.

Human Resources

See all your employees, past and present, in one place. Track their certifications and key events such as hired, terminated, and occupation changes.

Track recruiting costs paid to third parties.


Document Control

Upload electronic receipts, purchase orders, rental agreements, quotes and invoices.


All Reports

Abio has extensive reports available for it’s subsystems, plus management dashboards and cross-company reporting.

Don’t see what you need? We’ll work with you to create the report you need.

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